Step 1: Review the Product

The biggest piece of advice we can give to ANY affiliate of ours is a very simple thing to do… simply review Investor Carrot for those that have never seen it. I wasn’t joking when I said it’s simple. It’s simply sharing with people what you like, what it does, and what you don’t like.

What a product review does is show people that  you use the product yourself and aren’t just trying to make money off them. People want to know that you use the product that you’re selling and that you’re sharing something with them that can add value to their business. Because hey… if you you use it, then there must be some benefits to using it.

So, here’s how to make a kick butt product review that will give you a great advantage in generating sales…

1) Know the product that you’re selling.

Be sure that you know the advantages of the Carrot sites and the basics of how to use the sites. Also, know what you don’t like about the Carrot sites, and the areas Carrot lacks for you personally. Be genuine 🙂 Let people know how it helps you, and how it could help them.

2) Who are your followers and what sort of challenges are they facing?

You need to connect with your audience. Figure out how to connect with the people you’re looking to connect with and figure out what they may be lacking or struggling with.

3) How does the product/service help your followers address their challenges?

Now figure out how Investor Carrot can help those people solve their current struggles, or improve their current successes.

4) What kind of impact does Carrot have on your followers moving forward? What other opportunities does it open up for them? The point is to go beyond face value. For example, Carrot saves people time in web development, what does that extra time mean to your customers?

There are many things that Carrot helps people with. From SEO and lead generation, to time saving and customizations… Carrot offers many unique marketable differences that can intrigue your followers. Remember… they were already fans of you for you to be able to market to them, or you already share a common interest to have them as a contact. So stay within your common grounds and you will be able to relate to them from the get go, which makes it easier to sell them a product you truly believe in.

5) Post the video online.

We suggest using YouTube since they have the best search engine results because they’re owned by Google. However, Vimeo or other video sharing services will work as well. Embed that video within a lead page or your emails. Share it with your fans, and be sure to write a blog post with it as well to outline the topics you covered in the video.

Here’s an example product review from Investor Carrot CEO, Trevor Mauch. This is a product that he was an affiliate for at the time:

*You can actually just copy that entire product review Trevor did, but tailor it to your own opinions and preferences to fit your Investor Carrot product review.

6) Write a blog.

Embed your video within a blog post. In this blog post you need to be sure to include squeeze pages, links, images, and your affiliate tracking ID so that you can take advantage of the sales that could go through those links you share. Outline everything you talked about in the video (or write the blog post first and outline everything in the blog post in your video). This is your chance to write a complete review of the product that you are selling. Be sure to include all of the positives of Investor Carrot and why it works so great for you. But, don’t make it 100% positive if there are a few things that you know could be improved or that Carrot doesn’t offer that you wish we did. For example, we don’t have our own CRM which is something often requested. This could be a down fall for a lot of people. So be honest. If you simply can’t find anything at all that you don’t like about us… then AWESOME, let them know that as well. But, a couple token negatives will always make the review more believable and relatable. We don’t want you to lie about our product. We want you to be 100% honest just like we are in our own marketing. If there is a major downfall we need to work on, then let us know so that we can find a solution 🙂

*P.S. Be sure to include keywords to make your product review pop up in search results:

7) Share the review.

Share the heck out of it! Post it on community boards. Share it to your email lists. Let your webinar viewers check it out. Don’t hold back. This is your most valuable marketing too as an affiliate. It’s your proof that you know what you’re selling and why you see value in it for other people.

8) Follow the same steps, but now make a short testimonial.

A product review and a testimonial are basically the same thing. The only difference is that a product review is typically much more thorough and longer than a simple testimonial. A testimonial is a short video from 1 minute – 5 minutes talking about what you like, what you don’t like and why people should or should not join Investor Carrot. It’s short and sweet, but gets the point across how you feel about it.

Here’s a  5 step guide to writing a product review:

  1. Introduce the problems you had before InvestorCarrot.
  2. Tell them about a software you found that is working great for you (
  3. Say “I’m going to review my experience so far with InvestorCarrot in as unbiased way as possible… telling you what I love and don’t love.”
  4. Video review + under video list the pros and cons of investor carrot in bullet points.
  5. Your final recommendation of InvestorCarrot (helps to give it a score in example; 4.5 out of 5.Tips: Tell your readers that if they need a website system w/ great support to click the link below and check out InvestorCarrot (Be sure to add a link with your affiliate id at the bottom)

*It’s the LAW!

Disclose that you are an affiliate and earn a commission on the referrals (it’s the law). For example; “Now, I did join the InvestorCarrot affiliate program after I found out how powerful the system is… so if you join through the links on this page I’ll earn a commission… but that helps us keep great free content coming your way. I truly do believe in this software and it’ll be a big part of my business for the long-term.”

Resources to Use to Make Your Review

  • Screen Capture Software: (for free or low cost video screen recording software to do a walkthrough video of Carrot)
  • Screen Recording Software: (the best screen recording software for macs)
  • Where to Post the Video: (The best video sharing site for SEO. Google owns YouTube, so Google gives YouTube videos a priority in search results.)