Step 4: Create Content

Content is anything. Literally… just make something. The more links you make and put out into the internet world, the more chances that somebody will run across your affiliate pages to buy the product you’re selling.

So, blog, make lead pages, write articles, comment on other peoples blogs… just make content and share your affiliate links. A simple blog that is keyword littered can be the crutch of your whole affiliate marketing campaign. It can be your best selling point if done right. A lazy blog with your affiliate links still has potential to tickle in a few sales… but as with most things… the more effort you put in, the more you will get out. This is especially true when posting content that you hope will generate sales. Quality over quantity in the blogging world.

 Be sure to add new content at least once a month. Google searches for sites that continue to produce new content and don’t just sit still to be their higher ranked sites. So if you continue to add new content, Google’s search bots will think that your site is valuable enough to rank well and up to date.

Content Title Ideas

  • Product Review (Review InvestorCarrot in a blog and video)
  • How to Get SEO for Real Estate
  • How Real Estate Investors Can Lower Lead Generation and Marketing Costs by 62%
  • How to Build a Profitable Email List
  • Why SEO for Real Estate Investors Matters
  • Top 5 Websites for Real Estate Investors
  • Best Websites for SEO
  • Top Ways to Get Leads as a Real Estate Investor
  • Top Tools for Real Estate Investors
  • How to Generate More Leads in Real Estate

3 Blog Examples

*Do not copy these blog posts. Only use as a guide. Be sure to include your own affiliate links throughout your blog.

  1. SEO For Real Estate Investors <<<
  2. How high-achieving real estate investors are generating leads for their businesses <<<
  3. How Investors Can Lower Real Estate Marketing and Lead Generation Costs by 62% <<<